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Welcome to Tailor Made

The Guayabera made to measure and preference

  1. As a first step, you select the style of your choice in the store catalog, the styles have a person's name, where they are based, the places where the embroidery is placed, if it is frayed, combined, mao collar, etc.

  2. Then select the color of the Guayabera in the following catalog (only the last 2 pages)

 3. Followed by this, select the type of embroidery that your guayabera will have in the following catalog

Four.  To continue select the color or colors of the embroidery. The colors can be combined, the same color as the guayabera, or monochromatic. The options are in the following catalog (except the last two pages)

5.  Finally select a guayabera size (CH, M, L, XL, or 2XL)  and send the chosen options in the following form:

We have sent your request, we will contact you as soon as possible

6.  We will quote and notify you about the Guayabera production time. Once accepted, we will send you a payment format by Paypal or Mercadopago to complete the order.

When the garment is ready, a tracking code will be sent to follow the shipment of your garment.

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